Walk your dog.
Meet people.
Make it fun.

Leash your dog, grab your phone and off you go.
That 10’ walk around the block can be just that.
But it can also be so much more...

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Find people and plan a walk with your four-legged noise machine in your respective area, wherever that might be!


Plan ahead! Set your preferable time and place for walking your dog through the use of highly customizable filters.


Walking one’s dog is considered a chore. We aim to change that.


We designed and implemented quality-of-life features that render the use of the app a breeze. Even with one hand free.


No forced hidden ninja-like charges and paywalls. Same experience for everyone.


Forawalk is a lot of things. It’s an app. It’s an ongoing project.
It’s a medium for dog owners that want to go past that “zombie shuffle” and enrich the experience
of walking your furry four-legged friend while meeting less furry -hopefully- two-legged people.
Is it a social app? In a sense, sure. Is it a planner of shorts? You bet. Is it uniquely designed,
intuitive and can attribute to the overall betterment of one’s life? You can always take our word for it.
Or you can see for yourself. Take the plunge!

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