That daily dog walking routine? It just became way more interesting

We call it “the walk”.
It’s that daily routine that all dog-owners have come to dread. As in all things, repetitiveness can kill an otherwise awesome experience. We are here to remedy that. Take your dog for his daily walk, spice it up with friendly interactions with other dog-owners in your vicinity. All in one package, all free.

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has never been more exciting

from simple to intricate

all the features designed make your walk fun. For free.

User friendly

We designed and implemented quality-of-life features that render the use of the app a breeze. Even with one hand free.

Socially engaging

Walking one's dog is considered a chore by many. We aim to change that through useful and meaningful interactions

Schedule Walks

Plan ahead! Set your preferable time and place for walking your dog through the use of highly customizable filters!

Location based

Find people and plan a walk with your four-legged noise machine in your respective area, wherever that might be!


No forced or otherwise hidden ninja-like charges and paywalls. Same experience for everyone, be it four legged or two.

Easy login

Tired of numerous accounts on multiple platforms? So are we! Login with the press of a button!

The app at a glance

it really is that simple

Use it as a scheduler…

One way the app works is by scheduling your daily walks, setting up meet-ups with other dog owners in your area and sharing the walk of your dogs. Exchanging pleasantries is optional but recommended.

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…or on-the-spot!

We have implemented a toggle button that allows our users to share their walk on the spot. You might be relaxing on a Sunday afternoon on your favorite bench or standing idle while your furry bullet is done with his business (always bring a poop-bag). With a flick of the thumb you can declare to the other users in a 500m radius that you are active, ready to high five all of em. One-by-one.

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The heart and soul of what we’re about

All depicted in a small animation presentation (yes, it rhymes)

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