This is the place where everything gets answered. If you where fast enough, or you where actually, physically next to me when creating this, you would get to ask the really important questions and they would be answered. Since this is not the case, I’ll just go ahead and answer whatever comes to mind.

What is forawalk?

forawalk is an app by and for dog owners. It’s not your run of the mill app, it’s not tinder for dogs. Not tinder for dog owners either. It’s really simple. It’s an app that will hopefully make your dog walking days feel more social. Less repetitive. And ultimately, more fun.

Is it free?

Of course it is. And not only that. It will remain free. No matter the multitude of features that we plan to implement in the core function of the dog-walks. Free. Scout’s honor.

It seems like it's only available for Android. Will it ever come to IOS?

Good question. Sort answer is yes. Long answer is that it really depends. On the drive, virality if you like, of the app itself. Developing in native (as in not hybrid) can take its toll. But we will get there. No worries.

Will you ever implement other pets?

Well, we don’t see our app as a all-in-all-served pets portal. We don’t really plan on catering to any other pet category -if that’s a thing. Since the app was created by our immediate needs as dog-owners ourselves, we decided that we will stick to what we know.

Who is the tallest one among you guys?

Not really a useful or valid question but it will be answered. George is.