After lots and lots of tinkering, the occasional frustration that comes with age and technology, we’ve finally updated our website (app redesign and awesomeness soon to follow). It has been quite the ordeal for some of us, less of an issue for others. But overall we feel that this is a step up for both us, the owners and you, our dog loving guys and gals out there. There are a few minor touches but we will, er, touch them? and we will be ready to go, full site, full experience, full throttle.

As much as I like to write stuff -more like a stream of consciousness, am I right?- a blog post in order to actually be a post and not random scrabble tiles thrown hastily in the air, dropping in random places, usually under the sofa, forming what is nearly possible, a sentence,  there is really nothing more for us to add here.


New site is up, hope you like it. If you don’t well there’s something for you too. Use the links in the contact section, the links at the bottom our page, the contact form and give us feedback. The hard truth.

We can take it!

credit where it’s due, so: awesome Photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash

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