Koumandos Dimitris

Front-end Developer

Passionate as much as a dev can be and then some. The newest addition to the team, Dimitris is a valuable asset both on and off the code arena. Really though, this guy, he really loves code. Like a lot.


Team motivator

Fun-loving, walk-wanting, relentless sleepers chewing enthusiast, Rock is indeed the drive behind us all. Constant nagging and tail wiggling from this particular lady-dog has pushed us into creating the forawalk app. If we did have a brand mascot, Rock would be it. Kudos where it's due.

Monios Ioannis

Back-end Developer

An app is nothing if not a bunch of code strapped together with the outmost care and consideration of its developers. Well that about covers it, if you're ever experiencing issues with our product you know who to blame. Really. Don't hesitate. Below you'll find all the necessary info for potential post-nagging.

Karakatsanis George

Business Analyst

When it comes to managing milestones, deadlines and the like, George is your guy. It was either him or Trello with the automatic notifications feature set to max. At any rate, he gets the job done.

Vanda Ploumistou

Social Media & Content

"But online presence is important you guys" said a voice from the back of the room. Yep, it was Vanda, dominantly expressing her very valid concern about the whole social media & content creation drive that any proper app that deals with live breathing creatures -no matter how many legs (preferably no more than four) - should have.

Michael Papanikolaou


All things need a bit of flair. The peacock uses an assortment of pretty feathers. Advertisements use flashy actors and fast editing cuts. We -as far as the content is concerned- use me. Who do you think wrote all these blurbs for the rest of the team? Yep. Me. I'm he. And this is it.